Welcome to Palamedes Photography. Why Palamedes? Palamedes is the ancient greek who invented breakfast, lunch and dinner. My name is Sara and since I was a little girl I've been curious about things like this. I wondered who thought of having three meals a day; risked eating something to see if it was edible or created a certain recipe. Not all my curiosity is food based-- although a large percent of it is-- but curiosity is at the heart of everything I do. Curiosity about breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. It allows me to see the world with an artisitic eye and that is where my creativity comes from. Since I owe my creativity to all those questions floating around in my head, I thought Palamedes was the perfect tribute to the endless curiosity that makes me explore this world with a camera.

Want to know more?
I graduated from Kent State with a degree in visual journalism where l learned to excel in candid and studio photography. From there, I have specialized in documentary food photography. I tell the story behind food by using a form of photography that follows a meal from farm to fork; from kitchen to table. I document authentic people, their stories, their food and where it's coming from. It has allowed me to eat some great food and meet some inspiring people; and that is ultimately what draws me to photography. It has the extraordinary ability of letting me walk in someone else's shoes; of letting me learn and experience something new every day and then share that experience with others.

Who have I worked with?
Edible Cleveland
Our Ohio
Erin Schechtman Studios
Bay Arts
The Countryside Conservancy
Outstanding in the Field
Clearview Farms
Autumn Harvest Farm
My Loving Spoonful
Rootstown Organic Farm
The Chautauquan Daily




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